Fighting Anxiety and Depression

Monday, 22 August 2016

When you suffer from Anxiety and Depression it's hard for you to enjoy life on any consistent level. You're hardly ever experiencing a peace of mind. 
You're often fearful, worrisome, and unhappy. You don't like being this way but you don't know what to do to change. 
Things are too much work and no one understands the way you feel. Not to mentioned that you wear yourself out with your thoughts and "What-if" thinking.

Since 12 of May 2016 I've been treating my Anxiety and Depression with a Psychiatrist and believe me, the hardest part was to admit that I lost control over my mind, I would cry rivers for no apparent reason.

My mind and body were shouting signals and I was ignoring every single one of them because I didn't want to lose control. Then one day, I lost it completely and went to my first ever Psychiatric appointment. 

My treatment as had some ups and downs but thanks to it I found a lot about my body and my mind as well.
I'll keep you up with updates about this whole new healing chapter in my life, so bare with me if you don't see posts as often as usual.


  1. Admitir é aceitar é o primeiro passo! Parabéns Meu anjo!

    1. Obrigada love! Principalmente por estares do meu lado <3

  2. i know what you are going through, girl, BE STRONG.. sending love!



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