Why I Became A Dressaholic

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Helloooo everyone! I hope you're all doing well and because Summer is just around the corner (to my displeasure) today I'll tell you why I became a dressaholic.

I used to be such a tomboy when I was younger, I did karate and I always wore jeans and t-shirts. The first time I wore makeup was when I was 19 years old and oh boy, that was an adventure!

After living in London for almost two years, I was so inspired to change my entire wardrobe to more of a 40's and 50's kind of style, of course I still have a LONG way to go but I became so addicted to dresses that they are, now, the only thing I wear.

So here are the main reasons why I only wear dresses:

1. It's so easy to get ready in the morning, I put a dress on and BOOM I'm ready!

2. I always look so put together.

3. It gives me that Disney Princess vibe.

4. It's the best outfit for all occasions in my life (even in that time of the month).

5. "That dress is so cute! Where did you get it?" awwwww music for my ears.

6. Dresses are a confident booster, I can feel sexy, cute, princess, warrior, whatever I want!

But, the most important thing!

I hope you liked this post and hopefully I can start writting more again (I sound like a broken record in all my posts). I'll try, I promise!

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