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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Long time no see! Honestly, I was so busy these past two days that I didn't have time to upload! But today I'm showing you the Molly Bracken dress that my husband gave to me on our 4th-month dinner as a married couple.
We had a lovely sushi dinner that day and then we went to the Molly Bracken store to see if we had any luck in finding the Owl dress that I'm in love with. They didn't have it yet, but I found this gorgeous vintage style dress! I tried it on and it fit so perfectly that my husband just couldn't resist in getting it to me AND was on sale! Win win!
I love Molly Bracken, is such an amazing brand, they have the cutest pieces and it's quite affordable for the quality that you get!
By the way, I'm loving my nails in this look! I think I'm getting addicted to the B&W combo!

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Photos by Miguel Photography

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