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Friday, 24 July 2015

Today I took advantage that my brother is spending some days with me to go to the park and take some Outfit pictures.  They all looked really good on camera until I got home and that's the thing with photography, it's an illusion. You play around with angles and shapes until your body reaches a certain pose where you camouflage all the things that you don't want the others to see. What happens is that sometimes your body is so loaded with scars from the past that you just can't hide them anymore.

So today, I'm not hiding anymore, I'm not playing with poses anymore, I'm just gonna tell you about the one word that changed my entire body and life, and that word is depression.
When I lived in London back in 2011 I suffered a huge loss in the family, I was all by myself in the big city and my only way to comfort was through food. I ate so many cakes and the funny thing is, I don't even like cakes that much. In only 1 month, I gained 10Kg, and it all escalated so quickly that after 4 years of that loss I'm still fighting against my depression and now my weight.

So today I'm showing myself to you without filters and without illusions. The way I looked before and the way I look right now. And hopefully, it will serve to show that sometimes you have to accept that bad things happened to you so you can come out as a victor and not a victim. And my victory will be going back to my healthy me no matter how long it takes, I will not give up because I owe that to me.

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